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"The Genesis Fit has changed my life for BETTER! I encourage anyone to take 5 minutes and hop on the In-Body to start your fitness journey!"
Michael Brown
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"I always have so much fun with Genesis Fit workouts! When I first started, I wasn’t very in to weight lifting and I have really grown to love it! I have learned so much about targeting different muscle groups and maintaining good form while weight lifting. I have gotten so much stronger too!!"
"Chris is a great guy, he works with my kid coaching lacrosse during the spring and all the kids enjoyed him, He’s very understanding but stern and had great routine I would highly recommend working with this man again he was such a joy to be around and he did wonderful things for all the children, Chris is super supportive and understanding about working as a team, great morals and I just hope to work along side him again, 10 out of ten would love to work with him again and was amazing to all the kids"
Michael Richards
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"I trained with Christopher before and I'm telling you, he is very patient and he will encouraging you to go harder 💪and further. Get healthy and get in shape, because there's no failing working with Chris."
Roberto Darbouze (Berto)
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"Chris Ryan has an a passion for health and wellness that simply cannot be denyed!  I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to live a healthier style!"
Cross Climb
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"I really enjoyed working with Chris. He is very kind and has a great attitude towards helping others. Before I met with Chris I could never find a workout plan that stuck with me, but after I met with Chris I got a workout plan that has been really helping and showing gains. He also helped a ton with my nutrition and finding food that better suites what I am striving for."
Tyler Drexler
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"Chris is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He has helped educate our entire family not only about physical wellness but diet and nutrition and learning how it is all a package deal. He helps his clients without judgement and motivates in positive ways. I highly recommend him wether you are a beginner or need a step up in your general health and exercise habits."
Teresa Drexler
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"Chris work with my son during the spring for a Lacrosse yeah great morals very goal oriented and just all-around nice guy he understands individuality and also working as a team I would highly recommend and I would give them 10 out of 10 he’s a great guy and I hope to see him again in the future to work with our kids"
Kelley Hayes
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"I highly recommend Christopher as a trainer. I don’t enjoy exercising much, but he managed to make our workouts fun. He is an awesome motivator, and he never let me give up or say that I couldn’t do it. I miss our daily routines!"
Christina Loew
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"Christopher was truly amazing! He understood what I was looking for and completely met my needs. Since he is also certified to work with children, he helped  my son get ready for sports! Very personable and a great person overall, highly recommend to everyone."
Nataly Ortiz
Google reviews
"I really enjoyed training with Chris, not only did he push me to do my best he also had me doing exercises i would have never done on my own! He also took into account my limitations! I highly recommend him!"
Georgenne Foley
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"I met Christopher and immediately knew that he was a man of the highest caliber. His energy and passion are unparalleled, and he has instilled in me a burning desire to improve every aspect of my life. I have stretched my potential as a result of his coaching, and I owe a great deal of success and accomplishment to his words of inspiration. Mark Twain famously said "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." Christopher is the embodiment of the message behind that quote. He improves the lives of others with little more than his presence, and strives for excellence in every aspect of life.If you have doubts about working with Chris, give him an hour of your time. You'll be glad you did."
Damon Walker
Google Reviews
"Before I started training with Chris I didn't really exercise that much because working out was intimidating. Since working with Chris, I really enjoy working out and it's something that is important to me. If you're looking to learn how to get into working out, training with Chris is a great way to start your fitness journey."
Emily McKerrow
Google Reviews
"If you are looking for a trainer with broad knowledge and the ability to cater to your fitness goals and needs... look no further. Personable and professional, Chris is a has the ability to bring your health goals within reach."
Yvonne van Veenendaal
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"Chris is a TOTAL GIFT.  He brings a deep and genuine commitment to his clients and their individual successes.  With an ever-present quick wit and true kindness, Chris maps out crushing workouts which amaze you with what you can accomplish.  I feel invincible when I leave!"
"Chris provides the support you need to reach your goals in fitness and nutrition.  His approach is not a one-size-fits-all.  He's able to customize workouts and fine tune your diet.  Chris will push you to your max with a smile on his face!"
Karen Hirsh
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"I cannot say enough about Chris's attitude and ability to relate to those he instructs. He creates workouts that meet your fitness goals so when you leave the gym you have a feeling of accomplishment. He also has a demeanor and sense of humor that helps you to get through those tough workouts. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fitness coach."
Jamie Blanks
Google Reviews
"Hi my name is Lee Irving and I have been training with Chris Ryan from cross climb in Whitman mass he first of all has the client in mind above everything else and he allows you to get the best out of your work out without you even knowing it very patient and very understanding and knows what he’s doing There are not too many people that have that trait I would recommend Chris to anyone that’s in need of help getting them selves back in shape."
Lee Irving
Google Reviews
"I first met and started training with Chris Ryan  in mid-January of 2019.  At than time, I was fed up with myself.  Nothing was fitting right!  In particular, my tuxedo that I wear to a lot of Masonic Events. I also was getting annoyed with my spouse who was constantly reminding me of something I already knew.  I had to exercise more and change some habits.  I could not accomplish this by myself and my 74th birthday was in the horizon.

The first thing Chris did was to get me on his scale to establish a starting point for weight loss.  The reading was 10lbs more than my reading at home. This was the first, and only time, that I disliked Chris.

He spoke very intelligently to the subject of nutrition, and that my goals for achieving long-term weight loss would never be accomplished without serious attention to what I was consuming.  I was so relieved that it wasn't a diet but some simple adjustments that needed to be converted to habits.  Chris gave me some homework, and he make me accountable to him, as well as myself.

Chris is a wonderful person with solutions for his clients, first and foremost on his mind.  He has other "secrets" to making everyone who follows his guidelines a success.  I am personally experiencing positive results and look forward to working to achieve more goals that will boost both my overall health and esteem."
Donald Spradlin
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"Chris is great person and I have worked with him for couple of months now and he always motivates and pushes you to the max , I highly recommend  him. So if your looking for a change go to Chris!"
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"Chris is an extremely professional and personable trainer whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the past few months. He is passionate and knowledgeable about both fitness and nutrition and is always pushing me to my limits and making sure I have the most effective workout possible. He truly cares about the success of his clients while at the same time making workouts enjoyable and fun. Thanks Chris!"
Julie King
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"Chris is a great trainer for many reasons. As a woman who just reached her 50s and has always been intimidated by the gym scene, Chris has been very helpful to me with his nutrition knowledge, his patience and his sense of humor.  I decided after turning 50 that I really wanted and needed to get serious about my weight, exercise and eating habits. I had joined different gyms in the past but never stayed committed because it can honestly be very intimidating not knowing how to use the machines properly.  Chris has taken the time to give me specific nutrition suggestions based on my goals, he has been extremely patient showing me how to use the various machines and answering any and all question I have so that I feel comfortable and safe during my work out. He has started me off with small goals which have turned into big successes. With Chris’s help I have slowly changed my eating habits which includes kicking my soda addiction, I have been able to shed off 13 pounds so far and I am actually able to do a plank which is amazing going from never doing one in my life to increasing my time to 5 minutes so far.  I am very happy that I met Chris on my fitness journey and would highly recommend working with him especially if you need that little extra help getting started on your own journey."
Cheryl Michaud
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"Chris has been an excellent trainer. He knows his clients' limits and then helps us to get past them. He has put together some really challenging (but effective!) group workouts which I surprisingly really enjoyed. He has given me great advice on nutrition too which helps further my progress outside of sessions. He knows in depth information to back up his recommendations which shows that he is highly knowledgeable. Overall I highly recommend Chris as a trainer!"
"For the past few years my main forms of exercise have been yoga classes and  walking. I wanted to up my game, but didn’t know where to begin. I started a 10 week training program with Chris and he really helped me regain a level of fitness I didn’t think I was capable of.

I really like his approach to training. First he assessed my current fitness level and then customized a program around my fitness goals. I won’t lie, the first few sessions were tough, but he motivated me to push through the challenging exercises. After just a few sessions I was already seeing measurable results. I also like that he changes things up so the workouts are never boring or monotonous.

Nutrition is an area of expertise for Chris, so training sessions are not only about exercise but include an element of nutritional coaching. I didn’t expect that, but it was definitely an added bonus and went hand in hand with reaching my goals.

Whatever your personal fitness goals may be, I highly recommend working with Chris to reach them… and then probably surpass them!"
Laura Bissell
Google Reviews
"To begin my review in Chris Ryan, I would like to start with I that think he’s a very nice and kind hearted person. He’s professional and caring with his clients. His knowledge in strength training, cardio, stretching and nutrition makes him priceless.  Not to mention, he has a good sense of humor which makes my workout at the gym a lot of fun.

He has been my trainer for a few months now.  I have physical and medical issues that he is well aware of.  He is always looking out to make sure I’m doing nothing to further injure myself or make these issues worse, but still pushes me to do more to better myself and my results.  I like his beliefs concerning nutrition.  It just makes so much sense to me.

I never thought I would get to the point I am now with muscle, strength and nutritional health.  Thank you, Chris. I appreciate all you do for me."
Beth LaCombe
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"I met Chris about 2 months ago.  He is very personable and a great listener.  He inspires and encourages me to push forward when I feel I don't have the strength  to.  He is eager to help me with training and diet.  He is confident I will meet my goals.  I enjoy my workouts  with Chris!"
Nikki Lowe
Google Reviews
"I have worked with Chis over the past couple of months. He is great at listeng to your concerns and pacing your work outs to your capabilities while keeping them challenging enough to be effective!"
Arlene Spaulding
Google Reviews
"Chris is awesome! Encouraging and knowledgeable. He knows how to put together a kick-butt workout, but you can tell he also puts a lot of time into research. Every time we meet he’s got another scientific article with recent findings on nutrition, metabolism, and even proper form for exercises. He will help you meet your goals AND make sure you understand how to maintain a healthy lifestyle long after working with a trainer."
Alexis Copeland
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